OTT clear desk policy

Sometimes it takes a robust approach to making a ‘hot-desk’ program work.  Most people still like to personalise their workspace ~ even if they are only using it for a short time.  Most staff working in a shared workstation environment are pretty considerate of the next occupant.

“When Guy Lawrence joined Vodaphone UK, he set about revolutionising the way its employees worked.

Today, thanks to his leadership, Vodaphone is among the companies leading the charge for a leaner, more efficient office. Flexible working is strongly encouraged, with employees choosing the best location for completing the day’s tasks.

No one – not even Guy – owns a desk. Instead, the HQ has only enough  for 70% of the company’s workforce. Everyone hotdesks. But most radical of all is the company’s clean desk policy: to discourage territorialism, every desk must be completely cleared each day. Anything left on the desk – no matter how important or sentimentally valuable – is incinerated.”

Heavy handed, determined or only acting in the best interests of his people and the business?

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