aural architecture

Communication by grand design

In organisations where the brand culture is clear and robust, we find superior staff engagement at all levels, across all departments and work groups.  This is where the Agile worksetting really delivers!  Work settings must be agile – fully supportive of worker mobility, new technologies and communication – prominent features of an interconnected workscape are open structures and spatial flexibility ~ they are inspiring, diverse and multifaceted.


Versatile places for communication, cooperation, concentration and recreation are required that have the capacity to inspire creativity and innovate. The office becomes a living space in tune with an urban landscape ~ perfectly tuned in to the four generations at work.

Is it something I said?

In places where expression and collaboration can be face to face first, those ad-hoc interactions often extend into social media ~ sometimes back into the wider business where they evolve into great ideas, innovations even profits!

Interestingly, with a face to face starting point, the process moves more swiftly amongst the most relevent people, co-workers, management, the business.  And so ‘interested engagement’ spawns the organisation’s brand culture.

Was your last conversation with a co-worker by email, social media, phone or in person? Where were you both at the time?  What else were you doing?

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