If your organisation is going through a change  phase, you can benefit from an independent and fresh perspective.


So why engage an outside consultant instead of simply working with internal resources? There are some primary reasons why outside expertise is of great value.

Primarily, workspaceman consultants draw on a range of expertise and disciplines: interior design, architecture, technology, business, economics/finance, surveying, psychology, ergonomics, socio-demographics, statistics etc.

While you can certainly talk with your current staff or other professionals, what you may really need is guidance from someone who has sat in your seat. Why?

To gain objectivity.  A consultant brings a fresh, unbiased view to your situation or need, something those close to a situation may have difficulty achieving.

To avoid undue staff pressures.  Requiring your own staff to mount extra effort when they already bear a full workload will often result in shoddy work and unsatisfied customers.  A consultant is able to devote full attention to the problem or task assigned.

To bring special skills to bear.  Some tasks really do require a specialist.

To build a bias for action and increase the speed with which you get results.

To provide focus, clarity, energy and confidence.

workspaceman  : improved business outcomes from high performance workspace

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